Orto Parisi

08.10.2021 Спартак

The parts of the body that carry more smell are those where more soul is collected.
The strong smells have become unpleasant to us, because the excess of soul is intolerable to the extent that our innate animalism is repressed and breaking from civilization.
This project is my garden I have planted, fertilized, cultivated, and harvested.
Orto Parisi states that our body is experienced like a garden, and its smells are a true mirror of our soul.
The Nose, Alessandro Gualtieri
All Orto Parisi fragrances are hidden in a box that opens up into a metropolis and reveals an infinite hole at the center.
The latest creation of Allesandro is a leather fragrance, Cuoium.
Cuoium floats in a glass flask with a rusted metal cap with an original inlaid logo made from vegetable tanned leather. Labeled by ‘savile row tweed paper’ with a very fine herringbone structure.
This is the first Orto Parisi perfume with a removable and reusable leather sleeve.

Apollonia, 50 ML

25.08.2021 admin

The latest Xerjoff Special Edition is a homage to the space mission Apollo 11, through which the first moon landing took place on July 20th, 1969.
This essence evokes the charm of the deep space, of a night sky illuminated by thousandsof shining stars. And in its seductive scent one can perceive the yearning of man for infinity, the need to dream every time new worlds, a need that Apollonia perfectly satisfies involving all our senses in an intense imagination process.
You can feel white flowers, iris butter and white musks.

La Capitale, 50 ML

25.08.2021 admin

A modern yet romantic overview of Moscow. These scented tones will bring a sensual, warm and deep perfumed sensation “

Top notes: strawberry, caramel, peach, labdanum 
Heart notes: leather, Iranian saffron, ginger, rose and amber
Base notes: benzoin, vanilla Bourbon

K’Bridge, 50 ML

25.08.2021 admin

K’BRIDGE CLUB is inspired by the well living shopping atmosphere of one of the most celebrated retail store in the world located in Knightsbridge. Bordering the vast Hyde Park, Knightsbridge is a luxury neighbourhood with sumptuous Victorian houses and squares with tree-lined gardens. Well-heeled tourists and international residents love to frequent the area’s exclusive restaurants and shops. According to the Join The Club philosophy ingredients are kept secret, instead the olfactory.

Symphonium, 50 ML

25.08.2021 admin

There’s sign of extreme joy within mystical context of Symphonium. A fragrance which intriguingly evokes mystery with row of delectable notes beside warm aura of extravagant woodiness. Symphonium unveils with piquant Spanish mandarin and mouth-watering orange juice. Heart-melting and evocative like a poem. Like a chorus of divine voices.

The appetizing citrus accord engages with Indian cardamom which introduces fresh air of top to warm Belgian chocolate core. Intense sweet and deliciously dark, it brings highly desirable scrumptious aura and calls for inevitably voluptuous musk. Wealthy duet of premium oud woods from Thailand and Laos, and exquisite vanilla from Madagascar enhance cryptic persona of Symphonium.

Top Notes: Spanish Mandarin

Middle notes: Belgian Chocolate

Bottom notes: Vanilla and a mix of Laos Thai Oud


25.08.2021 admin

Discover the intoxicating charm of Italica, part of the Casamorati collection.

It is made for those who love to love. Warm and full-bodied, Italica opens to creamy top notes of almond and milk , warmed by hints of spicy saffron and leading to a sweet heart of bourbon, vanilla and irresistible toffee.
Notes of deep sandalwood and white musk provide a classic base.
The classic Xerjoff Casamorati packaging has been reimagined with a focus on sustainability, while retaining the references to the Liberty style that distinguishes the brand’s history.

Top Notes: Saffron, Almond, Milky notes
Heart Notes: Bourbon Vanilla, Toffee
Base Notes: Sandal wood, White Musks


15.04.2019 admin

This perfume line was created in 2012 and was the seventh collection from Xerjoff. JTC offers to us an exciting journey into the most exclusive and stylish world. This is a special line for those people who consider beauty, uniqueness, and self-care as fundamental elements of their daily life. Join The Club includes 10 amazing scents. Each one of them represents all glorious pieces of our lives, favorite hobbies and entertaiment like music, fashion, theatre, poetry, etc. Now you have an opportunity to spend time with your favorite hobby and with an exclusive perfume. Scents from JTC: Shunkoin 40 Knots Ascot Moon Comandante Don Fatal Charme Ivory Route Kind of Blue Marquee More than Words


08.04.2019 admin

2020 is a special year and the right time for a good change. CASAMORATI decided to refresh a look of their products. The new CASAMORATI packaging combines lots of important details. First, it is designed to protect and preserve the product’s quality. Second, the new packaging is made with minimal impact on its future recycling, which is very important today. Last but not least, the packaging’s smaller size and lower weight have a positive impact on its shipping. Lira is a sensual gourmand scent with oriental twist. It amazes the imagination with a combination of juicy bergamot, sweet red pepper, lavender and caramel.
Top notes: Bergamot, blood orange, lavender Heart notes: Jasmine, cinnamon, licorice Base notes: Musk, vanilla, caramel